SMS Junkies!

One of my friend shared me her saved sms which i found quite funny. May be some of you already read or sent it before, but here’s my version –


A cardiologist was buried in heart shaped coffin. One of the doctors laughed when asked why, he said, ‘I’m just thinking about my coffin.


//– the funs begin right here

An interviewed with Arab in the US Embassy:

CONSUL : ur name pls?
ARAB : Abdul Aziz

CONSUL : sex?
ARAB : 6 times a week

CONSUL : I mean, male or female?
ARAB : both male n fmale. sometimes even camel

ARAB : Yes, cows n dogs, too

CONSUL : man isn’t that hostile?
ARAB : hostile … dogstyle any style!

CONSUL : Oh Dear!
ARAB : deer? No deer! hole too high and run too fast.

the name, places, things, title all appear in this blog post is fictional!


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