iPhone without ‘iPhone’

Feel like your being left behind by the iPhone craze currently sweeping the world? Well now you can impress your friends without paying the money by updating and pretending with this sneaky little iPhone theme.

The 3rd iPhone Theme comes compete with a series of Apple-inspired icons, and the classic scrolling feature. Just a quick look at the clown fish should be enough to get your friends jealous.
Tony Aldridge

iPhone on Symbian
iPhone theme for Nokia
iPhone for Nokia
iPhone for Symbian OS 6

here come the much awaited phone ever (for myself, of coz) that make news in the lonely planet. for once in a lifetime that kinna phone ever built, may get in my hands. may be i was too eager to touch that little touchie screen, hear that hearie iPod, browse that browsie Safari, and compute that computie Mac OS X! (phew) so i search the web and find the iPhone that am looking for has been clone and raise in Symbian OSes. much rejoice that last year. so i dl the .sis file and hope it will – sneek peak- the real iPhone


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