install Mac OS on PC

its would be a very cool thing that if you could install and run a (highly) price OS from Apple to a {very} cheap hardware available to you. i do an internet search for that. i found some useful things and tips for doing that kinna {awfully} illegal thing.

all you need:

  1. blank DVD-R
  2. hackintosh {search the torrent}
  3. good intel based motherboard
  4. decent RAM
  5. a cup of coffee
  6. and finally, a friend to showoff to

here’s how –

  • Download the Installation ISO. You can find it by performing a search for iATKOS v1.0i (Its about 2.09 GB)
  • burn the ISO at very slow speeds to the DVD
  • insert DVD and boot into it from BIOS and follow the Onscreen Instructions
  • Select Packages, based on your hardware
  • wait …. and done

credits: Uphuck, Eskurza and OSX86 Wiki


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