wat do you think bout this lyric …

Gothic ??? i dont know wat the hell is that! maybe a type of song that u play on a dark room ?? i like Within Temptation from the type i think Gothic. last night, i listen to a song call ‘Pale‘ from their album ‘The Silent Force’. its kinna song that you listen when a time like cold-winter-lonely-day. i like it very much. i do the ‘google’ thing and pull out the lyric. but i don’t know wat the lyric literally means. here’s, have a look at it, make your mind … 😉

The world seems not the same,
though I know nothing has changed.
It’s all my state of mind,
I can’t leave it all behind.
I have stand up to be stronger.

I have to try to break free
from the thoughts in my mind.
Use the time that I have,
I can’t say goodbye,
have to make it right.
Have to fight, cause I know
in the end it’s worthwhile.
that the pain that I feel slowly fades away.
It will be alright.

I know, should realise
time is precious, it is worthwhile.
Despite how I feel inside,
have to trust it will de allright.
Have to stand up to be stronger.

Repeat chorus

Oh, this night is too long.
I have no strength to go on.
No more pain, I’m floating away.
Through the mist I see the face
of an angel, who calls my name.
I remember you’re the reason I have to stay.

Repeat chorus

is it dark?? huh i dont think so!!!

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