Life RE{versed}

Life RE{versed}

unknown flower, the pollen blooming capture through reversed lens mounting.


sify e-port

Aizawl 23rd October, 2008

Hello its been a while that i haven’t update my blog. just what Natasha Bedingfield write –

Trying to find the magic
Trying to write a classic
Don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know?
Waste-bin full of paper
Clever rymes , I will see you later

i do too, wanna write something touchy …

by the way, here i am at Aizawl using boardband from Sify. i think its fast and stand upto their promise. i like the way they set up the table, room alignment … but the thing is – i don’t like the computer itself (it sucks …) not just the hardware, the software itself. i kinna accept the way they restrict the system usage. but only one browser – Internet Explorer 6.0 (IE SUCKSSSSSSSSS), in fact all add ons – flash, script … had been disabled and not installed. i can’t get my blog stat, because it doesn’t have the damn flash player. i can’t access my google maps …. boring ………..

this and that … blah blah blah

so sify … if u listening … upgrade ur SYSTEM – (IT SUCKSSSSSS)

tragic accident

Lunglei the 2nd September, 2008

A fresh September morning here in Lunglei, the second capital of Mizoram. A busy Tuesday morning around 0930 hrs at the peak of traffic congestion, a tragic accident happen in one of the busiest street in town.


Crash took place her
Crash took place her




A Maxi Cab, MZ – 02 6523 owned by Pu VL Ruata of Tawipui S, serviced between Lunglei and Lawngtlai, driven by Pu Lalthlamuana (30) s/o Lalthankima of Thingfal crash to 3 Auto Rickshaw (viz. MZ – 02 4748, owned by Pu Zohmingsanga, Serkawn; MZ – 02 7629 owned by Pu Zodinga, AOC and MZ – 02 7134 owned by Pu Zohranga, Venghlun) parked at their stand at Agent Lane, Taxi (Omni Van) MZ – 02 2112 owned by Pu Lawmsanga, Pukpui; Matiz Car WB – 02J 0581, owned by Pu T Sangzuala, Venglai; Gypsy MZ – 02 5874 and Maruti Car MZ – 02 2112 owned by LT Zauva Sailo, Venglai; Scooter MZ – 02 2401 owned by Pu Ch Malsawma, Venglai.

Not only vehicle, but the by stander – Lalhmangaihzuala (24) s/o ZD Lalthlamuana, Lunglawn; Lalmuankimi (30) d/o Lallawta, College Veng; Thangnghilhlovi (50) d/o Thanngura, College Veng; Lalrindika (24) s/o J Thangluaia, Electric Veng and Zohranga (40) s/o T Vanhlira , Venghlun (who passed away about 1307 hrs due to fatal head injury) had involved in this incident. While Lalrindika had serious injury, the others are given First Aid and sent home.

The original driver was no mood driving this morning and is being driven by his close friend, Lalthlamuana. They had their journey from Thingfal to Lunglei. Their scheduled to driving back to Thingfal and was about to pick up their passenger and it happen. The vehicle completely lost the braking system from Police Station near the upper traffic point and rushing down the hill like a stone dripping down hill. “I try to crash and stop down at the lower traffic point, unfortunately a Maruti approach the point from Electric Veng and was stationed there. So i skipped and forward. I was afraid of crashing to the crowd and smashed to the stack of Auto Rickshaw unintentionally” says the driver.