to be

i want to be not me. i wish i am different person. i hate myself. i want to be an important being. i tried to be what i want, i pretend to be, sometimes i even  told half truth… but lately i realised this is who i’m supposed to be. its God’s way, and i’m starting to accept myself…

i used MAC OS X

i keep quite mopre than let say 1,2,3, …,8 months now. its been a while since i, myself ever visit my so called blog!! but lately im thinking i should get more serious again and get the traffic (yes, traffic was good back then) flowing through my [so called] blog. so in this very post, i upload my new OS screenshot, [believe it or not] MAC OS X Leopard. i play with it, love it, … you name it.

Using QuickTime

i download the infamous Coda and install, it works like the way it suppose to be! i know now why it received Apple Design Award 2007!



btw, my second year exam is getting near, i may not be able to update the blog again […] i hope i come back again soon, and then BOLD as before!!









ciao… love ewe!!!

emo poem

i fõund on the net … here î shared …


How dis
I slit my wrist
When you cause me pain
I slit the left vain
You break my heartbroken_hearted
That’s where it starts
When you pretend
To care
Well how do you dare
It’s just not fair
So i remain
So damn silent
See my stain
It was very violent
I’m just a shadow
A part of the past
A part that could never last
My trickling blood
Is dripping fast
I hear a ¤ thud ¤
I just lie and stare

I cry
An wonder why
Why should I be the one to go
Oh, because I’m
emo …