Aizawl HDR

Aizawl HDR, originally uploaded by Joe Fanai.

It way 21 June, the longest day of the year. The sun is setting but the clouds are accompanying. Instead of taking the actual sun set, i took the clouds instead.


to be

i want to be not me. i wish i am different person. i hate myself. i want to be an important being. i tried to be what i want, i pretend to be, sometimes i even  told half truth… but lately i realised this is who i’m supposed to be. its God’s way, and i’m starting to accept myself…

i used MAC OS X

i keep quite mopre than let say 1,2,3, …,8 months now. its been a while since i, myself ever visit my so called blog!! but lately im thinking i should get more serious again and get the traffic (yes, traffic was good back then) flowing through my [so called] blog. so in this very post, i upload my new OS screenshot, [believe it or not] MAC OS X Leopard. i play with it, love it, … you name it.

Using QuickTime

i download the infamous Coda and install, it works like the way it suppose to be! i know now why it received Apple Design Award 2007!



btw, my second year exam is getting near, i may not be able to update the blog again […] i hope i come back again soon, and then BOLD as before!!









ciao… love ewe!!!

emo poem

i fõund on the net … here î shared …


How dis
I slit my wrist
When you cause me pain
I slit the left vain
You break my heartbroken_hearted
That’s where it starts
When you pretend
To care
Well how do you dare
It’s just not fair
So i remain
So damn silent
See my stain
It was very violent
I’m just a shadow
A part of the past
A part that could never last
My trickling blood
Is dripping fast
I hear a ¤ thud ¤
I just lie and stare

I cry
An wonder why
Why should I be the one to go
Oh, because I’m
emo …