Wedding Cake (1 section) baked by Hmingliani Bakery, Aizawl

So, previously I blogged about my early childhood and my passion about photography. And yes, yesterday (23rd October) I shot a wedding, and honestly i’m so tensed and nervous. Who ever say ‘There’s a first time for everything’ doesn’t lie after all. My preparation?? Well I guess its ‘Ok’ all vidoes tuts and downloadable content that I read really helped me out. I feel like i’m already on to this kinna stuff.

But the real deal, the wedding itself.. man I wish I had a better sets of gears and more experienced. The thing is that I felt lost when I try to capture the moment. The feelings, the anxiety, the mood and all. I try my best and did ‘OK’ for the first time. And that gives me an inspiration.

The Attendant

Hope God permits me to do another wedding shot, and that time, I will recall the mistakes and right things I’ve made, and be a better photographer.

BTW, God bless the new couple ‘Betty & Mama’. All the best 🙂


The day is near

When I was a little boy. I watch the world and see things different from others. My opinion, perspective were off the chart. They call me a Geek (hmm).. I want to capture, and recall it later for my misery boring unfriendly life..

So, I grew up. Went to High School, things started to change. And then Diploma.. Thats when I know i’m really into a photography.. Back at the time when I was at Middle Section, I love photography. I really like the God’s Mighty creation and often asked my parents and guardian to have me buy a Camera, but that wasn’t a success. When I’m in a Diploma class, I had won a simple JUST click, roll film camera and was shipped from Guwahati. There, my passion start.

I still remember the day we went out – with my best buddies and start buying a film roll and shooting anything we can find.. It was the best moment (by far) with a photography life..

Now, after a long – 6 years, the day, 23rd October. I am going to shoot a wedding!!! My first time as a Wedding Photographer!

I love to see the day 23rd October, 2012….